Spain Says: “We are intolerant ones”
Setembre 12, 2008, 11:21 am
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Spain’s Supreme Court bans Basque party ANV

Spain’s Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously agreed the banning of the Basque leftist party ANV and it dissolution political party, after considering the lawsuits brought by the Spanish Government and the Public Prosecutor’s office, the president of the court Francisco Jose Hernando reported.

Hernando explained that the statement against that party, suspended since last February following a court order by the Spanish High Court judge Baltasar Garzon, supposes “liquidation of everything related to that party”.

On Wednesday, the 16 magistrates in Sala 61 of the Supreme Court will begin the process to begin the banning of the Basque leftist party EHAK as Prosecutor’s Office also brought a lawsuit against it.

Spain’s Tribunal Constitucional (Constitutional Court), the highest in the country, said on Thursday a Referendum Law approved by the Basque Government earlier this year is unconstitutional and suspended a referendum which Basque authorities wanted to hold Oct. 25.

The court ruling follows two lawsuits filed by the Spanish Government and the main opposition party PP.

The referendum planned to put two questions to a vote. The first asked Basques if they favor a negotiated solution to the conflict if the armed Basque group ETA was willing to end violence.

The second asked if they agreed that all Basque political parties should work toward an agreement on what it calls Basques’ right to decide their future and that this should be put to a second referendum before the end of 2010.

The Basque PM, Juan Jose Ibarretxe, first floated the idea late last year as part of a “road map” peace plan following the collapse of negotiations between the Spanish government and ETA.

The Basque parliament approved plans for the nonbinding referendum earlier this year but it was seen as a veiled push for breaking away from Spain, setting up a collision course with the central government.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s government said the planned referendum was unconstitutional because only Spain’s government, not a regional administration, can authorize such a vote.

Spain’s government immediately vowed to block a referendum, saying it was unconstitutional and filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court.
And to finish I only add: international aid now!

>Political Statute of the Basque Government[pdf]
>Proposta Política del Govern Basc[pdf]


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Hola Ran!
et felicito pel bloc, malgrat saber del cert, perquè et coneixo, que et deus quedar amb molt material al tinter … vés que un dia d’aquests no et jutgin per un escrit. N’he vist algun sota el teu pseudònim que comença per “Z”(jeje) que és flipant (ben argumentat, i amb tota la raó del món, però sobretot amb molta contundència ;). Tal com estan els espanyols, et convido a anar a totes.

Això que tens al facebook que diu que estàs fent un portal què vol dir?

Endavant les atxes!

Comentari per JR

Molt bon escrit, seria una sor aconseguir publicar-ho en la premsa internacional.


Comentari per Victor

Encara no havia entrat al teu bloc … està molt bé. Felicitats!
He sentit que prepares un barbacoa política oi? compta amb mi!! qui ve?? Quan serà¿¿
Joan Pau

Comentari per JoanP

Per cert … què vas fer a Xàtiva? Mare de Déu! jajajajaja

Comentari per JoanP

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